Dermal Fillers

Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Surgery to Target Appearance of Ageing


Dermal fillers are injectable natural or synthetic materials utilised to target the appearance of aging, combatting wrinkles and promoting skin smoothness. The majority of fillers are biodegradable and therefore temporary, although some permanent fillers are also available. Fillers may be utilised to temporarily enlarge the appearance of the lips. Lip fillers are typically injected along the white hair line surrounding the lips, to give the lips a greater “pouting” appearance. The effect of fillers usually lasts between 6-18 months.

Many dermal fillers contain local anaesthetic to make the therapy more comfortable. The therapy may be slightly uncomfortable but should not be painful. As with any injectable treatment, the risks, although rare, include infection, movement of filler away from injection site and tissue scarring.

Mr Anton Fries, Consultant in reconstructive plastic surgery, would be delighted to discuss facial or lip filler therapy with you during a private consultation.