Hand Trauma Surgery

Expert Reconstructive Surgery including Tendon Injuries and Fractures


Major injuries sustained to the hand and wrist commonly require surgery to ensure maximal function following recovery. The type of surgery performed following hand trauma depends on the nature of the injury. Surgery may involve realignment of fractured bones under anaesthetic, stabilisation of fractures with the insertion of plates and screws, or the repair of tendons damaged by trauma. Surgery may be performed under local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic, depending on the type of operation required.

Following surgery, the forearm and hand may be placed in plaster of Paris splint. You may require up to 12 weeks off work following the procedure, depending on your actual job role. As with any operation, there is a small risk of postoperative pain, bleeding, infection and damage to surrounding structures, including blood vessels and nerves.

Mr Anton Fries, Consultant in reconstructive hand and plastic surgery, would be delighted to discuss management of your hand injury during a private consultation.